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Earthy vibes, scalloped edge and nature drawn design, is a charming vintage add on, to any table setting.

Available In:

Size:  7" and 9"

Color:  Bird Multi and Flower Multi



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Cups &

New Item

A Coffee, A Tea,

or whatever it may be….

Our new line of Cups and saucers come in five charming patterns. These exclusive add ons will coordinate well with our Vintage Decor set, or any other set.






It's all about decor when it comes to party time. Pop on these all time favorites for the perfect Hampton look. Sets the tone in a classical elegant way.

Available In:

Size: 7" and 10"

Colors: White and Ivory

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When it calls for classic, say ahh to lace.  Bold edges, metallic accents and smooth decor keep this collection, fun, elegant, and with a twist of sophistication.

Available In:

Size: 6" 7.5" 9" 10"  12 oz bowls

Colors: Gold, Silver, Multi

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